Make them visible, and bring them to the Light

About Release Chains

“Sponsor a Political Prisoner”:
Several countries such as Russia, Belarus, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, Myanmar, and Turkmenistan, have political prisoners.
Human beings are incarcerated in atrocious prisons, without any hope to live in freedom or of seeing their families again. We want figures of powerful public influence, who are relevant and recognized, to sponsor political prisoners by being their voice and becoming, with their actions, the possible bridge to those prisoners’ freedom.


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Release Chains was born to make worldwide political prisoners’ struggles visible, help them out of captivity, and increase their political cost to their captors. This initiative looks to denounce the degrading conditions that many prisoners suffer in their own countries; due to a lack of freedoms, the rule of law and a lack of respect for human rights.

High-profile persons from the arts, sciences, politics, and jurists could access this digital platform, which will be a tool for supporting and amplifying its victims’ voices. Those who will act as advocates talking on behalf of prisoners will make them more visible. Our goal is to get them out into the light and spread their cause to achieve justice finally.

Sponsored Political Prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience

Our mission is to remove political prisoners and prisoners of conscience from obscurantism and make them visible to the world, denounce the violations of totalitarian regimes, the abuse and systematic violation of human rights that they exercise on political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

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Make them visible, and bring them to the Light

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